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Delayed pentobarbital administration limits ischemic brain damage in gerbils.

The capacity of delayed barbiturate administration to limit brain damage after unilateralcerebral ischemia was examined histologically in gerbils. The right common carotid artery was occluded in 50 animals under brief (3-minute) halothane anesthesia; 18 animals (36%) developed motor abnormalities consistent with stroke. The arterial clasps were removed after 1 hour and the abnormal animals were divided into treatment and placebo groups. Treated gerbils received sodium pentobarbital (70 mg/kg) intarperitoneally 1 hour after clasp removal and a smaller dose (50 mg/kg) 2 hours later; these animals lost corneal reflexes but retained spontaneous respiration and were kept normothermic. Animals in the placebo group received equivalent volumes of normal saline. Except for the period of anesthesia, both groups had similar postischemic motor behavior. Neuropathological examination of animals killed by perfusion-fixation after 24 hours revealed fewer pentobarbital-treated animals with shift of midline structures and with ipsilateral ischemic damage (including infarction). Compared with the placebo group, there was less extensive neuronal ischemic cell change in five regions of the ipsilateral cerebral hemispheres of the pentobarbital-treated animals (p less than 0.05). The results suggest that barbiturates administered as long as 1 hour after the end of an ischemic insult can still limit brain damage.[1]


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