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Diurnal variations in the motor activity of the rat: effects of inhibitors of the catecholamine synthesis.

The effects of the inhibitor of the tyrosine-hydroxylase H 44/68 and the inhibitor of the dopamine-beta-hydroxylase FLA 63 on the diurnal variations of the motor activity was studied in male Wistar rats, which were kept under standardized conditions of light and darkness (L:D = 12:12 h). The motor activity was continuously registered in groups of 5 rats using a two-channel Animex motimeter. During light FLA 63 (40 mg/kg, s.c.) greatly increased motor activity on acute application and during darkness the physiological elevation in motor activity was further but slightly increased. H 44/68 (200 mg/kg, i.p.) also increased motor activity during light, but in contrast to FLA 63 greatly reduced motor activity during darkness. The results indicate that though dopamine and noradrenaline are involved in the regulation of behavioural components, one or the other catecholamine may play a predominant role at different times of the day. Thus, it seems worthwhile to study the effects of drugs separately during light and during darkness.[1]


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