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Gene Review

Dbh  -  dopamine beta-hydroxylase (dopamine beta...

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: Dopamine beta-hydroxylase, Dopamine beta-monooxygenase
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  • The results show that there was no difference in TH mRNA content; however, DBH mRNA levels in areas A1, A2, and C1 of the middle-aged animals did not rise during the surge as was observed in the young animals [25].
  • Ethanol potentiated the normal immobilization-induced increase in adrenomedullary TH, DBH, and PNMT messenger RNA (mRNA) [26].
  • Age-associated changes in mRNA levels of Phox2, norepinephrine transporter and dopamine beta-hydroxylase in the locus coeruleus and adrenal glands of rats [24].
  • These agonists were more effective than nicotine alone in increasing TH and DBH gene expression and significantly elevated [Ca(2+)](i) for up to 6 h [27].
  • Prolonged cortisol administration failed to alter the mRNA levels of TH, DBH, and NPY in control animals but attenuated the response to stress [28].

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