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In-vivo myometrial electrical activity in the cyclic mare.

Uterine electromyography was performed by means of chronically implanted surface electrodes in 3 Pony mares during spontaneous oestrous cycles and following luteolysis induced by a prostaglandin analogue (fluprostenol). Three distinct patterns were recognized during the oestrous cycle. (1) During oestrus well defined phases of activity with closely grouped high-amplitude spikes were separated by long periods (10-45 min) of complete inactivity. (2) During dioestrus more diffuse phases of activity with low-amplitude spikes were separated by variable periods of relative inactivity. (3) During luteolysis, short and frequently occurring phases of activity were propagated between the two electrodes on one uterine horn; a similar pattern also occurred between 1 and 3 h after injection of fluprostenol. Peripheral plasma progesterone, but not total inconjugated oestrogen, concentrations were closely related to characteristics of the myographic activity during the cycle. Insemination during oestrus and injection of fluprostenol during dioestrus caused a marked and prolonged increase in myometrial electrical activity. Almost any non-specific environmental stimulus, including entry by palpation of the genital tract per rectum and vaginoscopic examination, but these were of brief duration and the normal resting pattern of activity was quickly re-established after completion of the manipulations.[1]


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