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Predictive value of renin determinations in renal artery stenosis.

The prognostic value of renal vein and peripheral renin levels was analyzed in 66 patients with unilateral renal artery stenosis who underwent corrective surgery. Patient selection for operation was independent of renin results. Fifty-three percent of those with confirmed renovascular hypertension had renal vein renin ratios less than 2.0, ie, within the 95% confidence limit for the control group of 82 patients with essential hypertension. Thirty-four patients with clearly lateralizing renin data (ipsilateral:contralateral greater than or equal to 1.5 and contralateral:peripheral less than or equal to 1.3) were benefited by operation, but 23 additional patients with nonlateralizing data also benefited. No proposed scheme for renin data analysis detected more than 75% of those with renovascular hypertension. Although lateralizing renin data are highly predictive of operative benefit, nonlateralizing data do not necessarily herald operative failure and should not be dogmatically used to exclude surgical intervention.[1]


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