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Cytochemical study of the lamellar bodies in the swimbladder of the toadfish Opsanus tau L.

The columnar epithelial cells of the gas gland in the swimbladder of the toadfish, Opsanus tau L., contain lamellar bodies that resemble the lamellar bodies found in epithelial cells of vertebrate lungs. Cytochemical assays indicate that swimbladder lamellar bodies are soluble in chloroform-methanol solution, react with tricomplex flocculation solution (indicating a phospholipid component), exhibit a positive reaction for cholesterol when exposed to digitonin, and contain acid phosphatase. The anterior chamber of the toadfish swimbladder is lined by an extracellular layer. Digitonin-cholesterol crystals are found in this layer when the swimbladder is treated with digitonin. A ruthenium red positive layer is also present in the anterior chamber of the toadfish swimbladder. The structure and cytochemistry of swimbladder lamellar bodies are compared with those of vertebrate lung lamellar bodies. Similarities between the extracellular layer in the swimbladder and the extracellular layer in lungs are also noted.[1]


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