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Penetration of cefmenoxime into serum, gynecologic tissues, and heart valves.

Twenty-nine women received 7 g of cefmenoxime before abdominal or vaginal hysterectomy; 20 adult patients received 2 g of cefmenoxime 24 hours and immediately before open heart surgery. In the gynecologic patients, peak cefmenoxime serum concentrations of 23.4 mg/liter were reached within one to two hours after administration of the antibiotic. Cefmenoxime concentrations in myometrium, endometrium, and salpinges also reached their peak one to two hours after administration. Two to three hours later tissue concentrations varied between 1.1 and 5.2 micrograms/g; four hours after application, tissue concentrations were below detectable levels. Cefmenoxime plasma and tissue concentrations were significantly higher in patients undergoing open heart surgery. Subcutaneous tissue and muscle concentrations varied between 2.7 and 38.0 micrograms/g. Cefmenoxime concentrations in cardiac valvular tissue were higher than those in muscle and fat.[1]


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