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Heart Valves

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Disease relevance of Heart Valves


Psychiatry related information on Heart Valves

  • They are consistent with the hypothesis that brain hypoperfusion contributes to dementia, possibly to AD pathogenesis, and raise the possibility that the APOE allele epsilon 4 contributes directly to heart valve and myocardial damage [6].

High impact information on Heart Valves


Chemical compound and disease context of Heart Valves


Biological context of Heart Valves


Anatomical context of Heart Valves


Associations of Heart Valves with chemical compounds


Gene context of Heart Valves

  • Gata4(ki/ki) mice die just after embryonic day (E) 12.5 exhibiting features in common with Fog2(-/-) embryos as well as additional semilunar cardiac valve defects and a double-outlet right ventricle [27].
  • Essential role of Sox9 in the pathway that controls formation of cardiac valves and septa [28].
  • Nfatc1 is an endocardial transcription factor required for development of cardiac valves [17].
  • PTH(1-34) suppressed aortic OPN and Msx2 expression >50% and decreased cardiac valve calcification 80% (8.3 +/- 1.5% versus 1.4 +/- 0.5%; p < 0.001) [29].
  • In the present study, a frequently used control gene, beta-actin, was examined in ovine heart valves to evaluate its applicability as a housekeeping gene for this tissue [30].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Heart Valves


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