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Cortisone-induced cleft palate in the brachymorphic mouse.

Previous studies have shown that the autosomal recessive gene brachymorphic (bm/bm), which is maintained on a C57BL/6J (C57) background, reduces limb growth and sulfation of cartilage proteoglycans. Hydrocortisone administered on gestational days 11-14 resulted in 20% CP in the C57 mouse, but 95% CP in the bm/bm mouse. The bm/bm mouse had a median effective dose for CP of 45 mg/kg, compared to 325 mg/kg for C57 and 40 mg/kg for A/J. Morphometric analysis indicated that the time of palatal elevation was delayed in the bm/bm relative to the C57 mouse both with and without hydrocortisone treatment. The amount of cytoplasmic glucocorticoid receptor protein present in the bm/bm palate on day 14 was the same as the amount found in the C57 palate, and was not elevated as it is in the A/J palate. The levels of cyclic AMP in the bm/bm palate on day 14 were 30-70% higher than that found in the C57 palate with or without hydrocortisone. These results suggest that both bm/bm and A/J exhibit a delay in palatal shelf rotation and elevated levels of cyclic AMP, which appear to be predisposing factors for cortisone-induced cleft palate. These strains differ in that elevated levels of steroid receptors are present in A/J palate, whereas lower levels are found in the C57 and bm/bm mice.[1]


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