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  • We therefore conclude that since the earliest defects identified in a group genetically at high risk to develop NIDDM are those related to insulin secretion, defects in insulin secretion rather than insulin sensitivity are likely the major genetic factor predisposing to development of NIDDM [11].
  • In multiple analysis, the variables which were significant after adjustment for each other were red meat (p less than 0.001) as a predisposing factor, and PUFA (p = 0.02), beta-carotene (p = 0.003), and soya protein (p = 0.02) as protective factors [12].
  • Factors predisposing to sequelae included prolonged coma, protracted convulsions, severe anaemia, and a biphasic clinical course characterised by recovery of consciousness followed by recurrent convulsions and coma [13].
  • To determine whether hypoacidity resulted from cholera or was a common predisposing factor, basal and betazole-hydrochloride-stimulated acid production were measured before and after cholera in a second group of patients consisting of American volunteers participating in a vaccine development programme [14].
  • CONCLUSIONS: That tryptophan depletion did not rapidly worsen depression argues that serotonin function is not linearly related to the level of depression and if reduced serotonin function does cause depression, then it is either as predisposing factor or due to a postsynaptic deficit in the utilization of serotonin [15].

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