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Cryptosporidium: a frequent finding in patients with gastrointestinal symptoms.

1422 faecal samples sent by general practitioners for routine parasitological examination were surveyed in 3 months. Of the 10.8% short-listed for special examination for cryptosporidium oocysts, 14 (9.1%) were positive. Charcot-Leyden crystals were not associated with cryptosporidiosis. All 14 patients had symptoms of gastrointestinal infection, which seemed to be related to a trip abroad. The incubation period varied between 4 and 12 days. Clinically cryptosporidiosis could not be distinguished from giardiasis, but its duration was shorter (median 10 days), strong abdominal pain and cramps were commoner, and bloating, anorexia, and weakness were less common. The disease can be diagnosed by identification of oocysts in faecal samples that have undergone formalin-ether concentration. There is no specific treatment for it, and recovery is spontaneous.[1]


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