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Induction of intestinal tumors in rats by dextran sulfate sodium.

The carcinogenicity of dextran sulfate sodium was studied in inbred ACI rats. In group 1, 10 male rats were fed a 10% dextran sulfate sodium diet; in group 2, 14 male and 12 female rats were fed a 5% dextran sulfate sodium diet; and in the control group, 9 male and 9 female rats were given the basal diet without dextran sulfate sodium. After the start of the feeding regimen, all rats given the 10% dextran sulfate sodium diet died of severe diarrhea and anemia within 14 days and 15 of 23 surviving rats fed a 5% dextran sulfate sodium diet developed intestinal tumors between 134 and 215 days. These tumors were induced in the colon and cecum and consisted of adenomas, adenocarcinomas, and papillomas.[1]


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