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Epidermal growth factor induces rapid tyrosine phosphorylation of proteins in A431 human tumor cells.

Addition of EGF to A431 cells at physiological concentrations causes a rapid three- to four-fold increase in the abundance of phosphotyrosine in cellular protein. The increase is essentially complete within 1 min and is maintained for several hours. No change in phosphotyrosine levels is found with fibroblast growth factor or insulin. Two phosphoproteins (molecular weights of 39 and 81 kd) containing phosphotyrosine appear de novo upon administration of EGF to A431 cells. The EGF receptor itself is a phosphoprotein containing phosphotyrosine as well as phosphoserine and phosphothreonine. Changes in the phosphorylation pattern of the EGF receptor are seen upon treatment of A431 cells with EGF. Increased phosphorylation of tyrosine is the most rapid response of cells to EGF known, and may play an important role in the biological effects of EGF.[1]


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