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Cytochemistry of the Golgi apparatus in developing ovarian germ cells of the Syrian hamster.

A cytochemical study of the Golgi apparatus in the developing oocyte of the golden hamster was carried out using the TPPase, AcPase and zinc iodide-osmium tetroxide (ZnOs) techniques. Tissue from both immature and sexually mature animals was investigated. Peak TPPase activity was found in pre-growth oocytes in ovaries from sexually mature adults. Some activity was also present in SER in the peripheral cytoplasm of growing oocytes. AcPase activity was found only after the onset of oocyte growth. It was present in Golgi cisternae and associated vesicles and in some profiles of peripheral SER. No structures corresponding to GERL were identified. Strong staining with ZnOs was seen, at all stages studied, in certain Golgi vesicles and short tubules but not in the cisternae unless the oocyte was atretic. Weaker ZnOs staining was characteristic of ER throughout the oocyte. With all techniques there was a falling off of reactivity as oocyte size increased. Within a single oocyte some Golgi bodies were negative while others were positive, with both TPPase and AcPase techniques. This suggests that two or more functional types of this organelle are present within the developing oocytes.[1]


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