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Protective effects of exogenous secretin on ceruletide-induced acute pancreatitis in the rat.

Unconscious rats given intravenous ceruletide (diethylamine salt of the decapeptide caerulein) in large pharmacologic doses consistently developed moderate acute pancreatitis by 3 h and florid pancreatitis by 6 h. Biochemical serum markers of acute pancreatitis tended to parallel the severity of the pancreatic damage. In 50% of the rats, mesenteric fat necrosis was present, free peritoneal fluid containing massive elevations of trypsinogen and amylase were noted in most animals. Intravenous secretion at a low dose given simultaneously with ceruletide exerted a variable protective effect on the pathological process. A high dose of secretin produced a striking macroscopic, microscopic, and biochemical protective effect on ceruletide-induced pancreatitis. High resolution light microscopy and electron microscopy showed a marked cellular disorganization in the acini of animals treated with ceruletide alone. By contrast, there was a striking apical redirection of zymogen granules in acini of the animals treated with secretin. The results of this study suggest that high dose intravenous secretin may exert a beneficial effect on acute pancreatitis.[1]


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