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Fat Necrosis

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Disease relevance of Fat Necrosis


High impact information on Fat Necrosis

  • (c) Albumin prevented the development of panlobular necrosis and lowered the degree of extrapancreatic fat necrosis [6].
  • The activity of lysosomal enzymes of the pancreas and the liver has been studied during induction and onset of acute hemorrhagic pancreatic necrosis with fat necrosis (AHPN) in mice [7].
  • Mice fed DL-ethionine with a choline-deficient diet develop a fatal acute hemorrhagic pancreatic necrosis with fat necrosis (AHPN) in 5 days [8].
  • In patients with suspected abscess formation following acute pancreatitis, indium leukocyte imaging does not differentiate between fat necrosis and abscess formation [9].
  • Membranous fat necrosis (MFN) is an under-recognized variant of fat necrosis (FN) that is characterized by the presence of membranocystic foci in which cysts are lined by an eosinophilic, homogeneous membrane with pseudo-papillary luminal projections [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Fat Necrosis


Biological context of Fat Necrosis


Anatomical context of Fat Necrosis


Gene context of Fat Necrosis

  • Pseudomembranous fat necrosis labelled strongly for the histiocytic markers CD68 and lysozyme [20].
  • Supraumbilical dermal sclerosis and fat necrosis from chemoembolization of hepatocellular carcinoma [21].
  • There was a statistically significant correlation between endothelin-1 concentrations and Tgrad (Spearman non-linear correlation) (r = 0.32, P = 0.004) and between endothelin-1 and MAP (r = 0.25, P = 0.02), but not between endothelin-1 and HR or development of minor cutaneous or fat necrosis of the flap (five patients) [22].
  • MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Flap loss, fat necrosis, flap volume loss, adjuvant treatment delay, and need for additional surgery [23].
  • A preoperative delay procedure can decrease the likelihood of TRAM flap failure or fat necrosis, but the required extent of this delay procedure is not clearly defined [24].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Fat Necrosis


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