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'In vivo' variations in serum interferon levels produced by antiviral compounds.

The effects of adamantane, amantadine, and glucosamine on the interferon induction in chickens as compared to mice were studied. Nonviral and viral inductions were produced either by Pseudomonas aeruginosa endotoxin or by some orthomyxoviridae. After establishing their toxicity, single treatments with the drugs were intraperitoneally administered at two different doses 36, 24, and 12 h before or 2 h after the time of interferon induction. Data obtained show that adamantane and its derivative amantadine are able to inhibit the 'in vivo' interferon synthesis only when viral inductors are used; possibly by impairing the necessary stimulative action of the viral nucleic acid at the replication level. Glycosylation inhibitors like glucosamine were uneffective on interferon induction 'in vivo'.[1]


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