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A subpopulation of trypanosome microtubules recognized by a monoclonal antibody to tubulin.

Two hybridoma cell lines were selected after the fusion of the myeloma cell line X-63 Ag8-653 with spleen cells from mice immunized with bovine brain microtubules. These lines, clones 3F3 and 16D3, secrete IgM antibodies both staining a fibrillar network in fibroblasts. Autoradiography of immunoblots of SDS gels showed that the antigenic determinants defined by these antibodies are present on tubulin and also on several other polypeptides in mammalian cells. In contrast, they were found to react only with tubulin in Trypanosoma brucei, parasitic protozoan which are the causative agent of sleeping sickness. By immunofluorescence microscopy, 3F3 bound only to a subpopulation of microtubules associated with the flagellum of these cells when, under the same conditions, 16D3 stained other microtubule populations including sub-pellicular microtubules. These results show that flagellar tubulin differs from tubulin of other locations in the same cell by at least one antigenic determinant which could be involved in microtubule specialization.[1]


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