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Heterogeneity of Igh-linked allotypic determinants expressed on functional T cell subsets as detected by monoclonal antibodies.

Hybridomas producing monoclonal antibodies (mAb) specific for immunoglobulin heavy chain (Igh) allotype- linked gene products expressed only on functional T cells but not on B cells and macrophages were established by fusion of allotype congenic SJL (Igh-1b) and SJA /9 (Igh-1a) B cells immunized reciprocally with partner spleen cells with a myeloma P3-X63-Ag8-653 of BALB/c origin. Nine mAb have been selected on the criteria that they can specifically block various antigen-dependent functions of known T cell subsets in in vitro immune responses of mouse strains having the corresponding Igh allotype, but not the other one. These included (a) four mAb that augment the in vitro secondary antibody response of either Igh-1a or Igh-1b strains and thus are considered to react with the Igh-linked allotypic determinant expressed on suppressor T cells, (b) one mAb that inhibits the helper T cell activity of Igh-1b but not of Igh-1a strains, (c) two mAb that inhibit the antigen-induced proliferative response of Igh-1a but not Igh-1b strains, and (d) two mAb that block the cytotoxicity of alloreactive cytotoxic T cells of Igh-1a strains. The linkage to Igh-1 allotype of the T cell products was established by testing with Igh-1-congenic strains with different backgrounds including the H-2 complex. Some of the mAb were able to react with cloned hybridomas and a continuous cell line of the given allotype and functions. Each mAb was able to block one of the known functions of T cell subsets, but not others, indicating the existence of the heterogeneity and multiplicity of the Igh allotype-linked products on T cells.[1]


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