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Synthesis of adult-type hemoglobin in human erythremia cell line.

KMOE -2/05 cells, derived from a patient with acute erythremia, became benzidine-positive after the addition of cytosine arabinoside (CA). Radioimmunoassays using antihuman hemoglobin antibodies revealed an elevated amount of hemoglobin in the CA-exposed cells over that in the control cells (without CA). Isoelectric focusing of the CA-exposed cell lysate formed benzidine-positive foci in the positions of human adult Hb (HbA) and human fetal Hb (HbF). To determine the types of globin synthesized in the CA-exposed cells, globin chains internally labeled with [3H] leucine were purified by carboxy-methyl (CM)-Sephadex column chromatography, immunoadsorption by Sepharose-coupled antihuman Hb antibodies and Sephadex G-100. The labeled globin chains were finally separated by CM-cellulose chromatography in urea. Two distinct peaks of radioactivity were shown in exactly the same fractions as carrier human globin alpha- and beta-chains. These observations indicate that these KMOE -2/05 cells synthesize HbA.[1]


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