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BAY K 8644, a 1,4-dihydropyridine Ca2+ channel activator: dissociation of binding and functional effects in brain synaptosomes.

K+-stimulated 45Ca2+ uptake into rat brain and guinea pig cerebral cortex synaptosomes was measured at 10 s and 90 s at K+ concentrations of 5-75 mM. Net increases in 45Ca2+ uptake were observed in rat and guinea pig brain synaptosomes. 45Ca2+ uptake under resting or depolarizing conditions was not increased by the 1,4-dihydropyridine BAY K 8644, which has been shown to activate Ca2+ channels in smooth and cardiac muscle. High-affinity [3H]nitrendipine binding in guinea pig synaptosomes (KD = 1.2 X 10(-10) M, Bmax = 0.56 pmol mg-1 protein) was competitively displaced with high affinity (IC50 2.3 X 10(-9) M) by BAY K 8644. Thus high-affinity Ca2+ channel antagonist and activator binding sites exist in synaptosome preparations, but their relationship to functional Ca2+ channels is not clear.[1]


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