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Chemical Compound Review

BAY-K-8644     methyl 2,6-dimethyl-5-nitro-4-[2...

Synonyms: BayK8644, SureCN133106, B112_SIGMA, AG-J-73150, BAY-R 4407, ...
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Disease relevance of Bay K 8644


Psychiatry related information on Bay K 8644


High impact information on Bay K 8644

  • Recently, small modifications to the nifedipine molecule produced a derivative, BAY-K-8644 (methyl-1,4-dihydro-2, 6-dimethyl-3-nitro-4-(2-trifluoromethylphenyl)-pyridine-5-carboxylate), that in contrast to the Ca2+-channel blocking agents, stimulated cardiac and vascular smooth muscle contractility [6].
  • Dihydropyridine BAY-K-8644 activates chromaffin cell calcium channels [6].
  • Quantitative PCR analysis showed that stimulation with high concentration of KCl, BAY-K 8644, or 12-O-tetradecanoyl phorbol-13-acetate resulted in an immediate and substantial increase (two- to threefold) of Kv1.4 mRNA levels in spontaneously beating myocytes prepared from neonatal rat ventricles [7].
  • In excised, inside-out patches, Po was low spontaneously and remained low during either bath protein kinase A catalytic subunit (PKAcs) or Bay K 8644 [8].
  • In comparison with P-type Ca2+ channels in rat cerebellar Purkinje cells, alpha 1A channels in oocytes are approximately 10(2)-fold less sensitive to omega-Aga-IVA and approximately 10-fold more sensitive to omega-CTx-MVIIC. alpha 1A channels are not inhibited by Bay K 8644 and inactivate much more rapidly than P-type Ca2+ channels [9].

Chemical compound and disease context of Bay K 8644


Biological context of Bay K 8644

  • In contrast, Bay K 8644 (10(-7) M), a calcium-channel agonist, exacerbated ischemia-induced conduction slowing and depression of Vmax but did not significantly affect resting membrane potential [14].
  • BAY K 8644 did not activate nonphosphorylated channels, and (+)-PN200-110 caused dramatic prolongation of mean open times when applied after phosphorylation [15].
  • The mechanism of drug action was evaluated by measuring the effects of Bay k 8644 on twitch tension, action potential configuration, and calcium channel currents in myocardial cells [16].
  • These data suggest that binding of Bay k 8644 to high affinity binding sites is pharmacologically relevant, and is related to a positive inotropic effect [17].
  • However, either the voltage-dependent properties or the dose-response relationships of Bay K 8644- and second messenger-induced modulations of L-type Ca2+ current did not differ in the four phases of the cell cycle [18].

Anatomical context of Bay K 8644

  • Thus, physical contact between a sympathetic neuron and previously uninnervated neonatal rat ventricular myocytes increases expression of functional L-type calcium channels as judged by contractile responses to Ca0 and Bay K 8644, as well as by electrophysiological and radioligand binding properties [19].
  • Increasing the perfusate calcium or use of the calcium channel agonist, BAY-K 8644, increased cytosolic calcium to near maximum but had little effect on contractility, confirming that the relationship between calcium and the myofilaments had been altered [20].
  • Moreover, increased efficacy of Bay K 8644 was maintained for at least 24 h after denervation produced by removal of ganglia from the culture [19].
  • PC12 cells were cultured on monolayers of control 3T3 cells or 3T3 cells expressing transfected N-cadherin in the presence of KCl or a calcium channel agonist Bay K 8644 [21].
  • No effect of Bay K 8644 was observed in synaptosomes isolated from brainstem [22].

Associations of Bay K 8644 with other chemical compounds

  • The (-) isomer of Bay K 8644 and the (+) isomer of Sandoz compound 202-791 were 100-1000 times more potent than their respective opposite enantiomers in enhancing Ca2+ uptake and dopamine release from striatal synaptosomes [22].
  • In both myocyte preparations, Bay K 8644 increased the rate of 45Ca uptake by 25% at 60 seconds; verapamil decreased 45Ca uptake at 60 seconds by 16% and 17% in normal and CM hamsters, respectively [23].
  • The cardiac output (CO) of control hearts recovered to 74.7 +/- 3.4%, whereas recovery was 56.3 +/- 3.7% (p less than 0.05) for high calcium (10 mM), 53.4 +/- 3.6% (p less than 0.05) for isoproterenol, 43.4 +/- 4.1% (p less than 0.05) for Bay K 8644, and 62.7 +/- 2.4% (p less than 0.002) for forskolin [24].
  • Endothelin (10(-7) M, +61%), 12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol 13-acetate (TPA, 10(-6) M, +62%), the calcium ionophore A23187 (10(-6) M, +95%), and Bay K 8644 (10(-6) M, +34%) (p < 0.05 each) all increased the secretion of ANP into the culture media in a dose-dependent fashion [25].
  • In Purkinje fibers, APD alternans was attenuated by a Ca2+ channel blocker, nisoldipine (2 X 10(-6) M), and augmented by a Ca2+ channel agonist, Bay K 8644 (3 X 10(-8) M) [26].

Gene context of Bay K 8644

  • SRIF (10 nM) completely blocks the stimulatory effects of 1 microM Bay K 8644 and markedly inhibits the effects of 50 mM KCl from as early as the ninth week of fetal age [27].
  • The calcium channel activator Bay K 8644 stimulated a 3-fold increase in Ca/CaMK II activity, similar to GnRH [28].
  • However, 1-h stimulation by AVP or activation of calcium channels (by Bay K 8644) or protein kinase-C by 12-O-tetradecanoyl-phorbol-13-acetate did not restore CRH binding [29].
  • (-)-3-PPP tended to reduce the PRL release induced by the Ca2+ channel agonist BAY K-8644 (BAY); however, this effect of the partial agonist was modest and not significant [30].
  • The actions of ET3 but not AVP were potentiated in the presence of BAY K 8644 [31].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Bay K 8644


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