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Islet cell function in gold thioglucose-induced obesity in mice.

Blood insulin, blood glucose and the biosynthesis and release of insulin have been studied in mice made obese with a single injection of gold thioglucose. In such mice, blood glucose levels were normal, though serum insulin rose in parallel with the development of obesity. When compared with controls, insulin secretion and synthesis were increased in isolated islets of Langerhans from obese mice, over a wide range of glucose concentrations. However, in obese animals, insulin biosynthesis was augmented above control levels at 2 mmol/l glucose, whilst the increase in insulin secretion accompanying obesity only became evident at glucose concentrations greater than 5 mmol/l. After 2 min incubation, cyclic AMP rose more in islets from obese mice than in controls, though cyclic AMP levels did not significantly differ in either group after 10 min incubation with glucose. Glucose oxidation was also increased in islets of Langerhans from obese mice. It seems possible that changes in glucose oxidation, as well as in cyclic AMP levels, contribute to the alteration in the B cell response in this type of obesity.[1]


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