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Succinamopine: a new crown gall opine.

Agrobacterium tumefaciens strains can incite plant tumors consisting of transformed cells that synthesize novel metabolites called opines. The pattern of opine synthesis is dictated by plasmid-borne genes in the pathogen; additional plasmid genes confer on the pathogen the ability to catabolize the same pattern of opines synthesized. One group of A. tumefaciens strains, AT181, EU6, and T10/73, contains closely related tumor-inducing (Ti) plasmids that encode the ability to degrade the opine nopaline; but tumors incited by these strains do not synthesize nopaline. We demonstrated by Southern blot hybridization that AT181(pTi) has no DNA homologous to the nopaline synthase gene of pTi T37, a nopaline Ti plasmid that appears to be most closely related to this group based on fingerprint analysis. Tumors incited by these seemingly anomalous strains contain a new opine that we designate succinamopine. Its structure is analogous to that of nopaline, with asparagine replacing arginine. Evidence for the structure of succinamopine, as well as those of two related metabolites, succinamopine lactam and succinopine lactam, will be published elsewhere. Ability to catabolize succinamopine, succinamopine lactam, and succinopine lactam is encoded by pTi AT181, pTi EU6, and pTi T10/73, but not by any of 15 other Ti and root-inducing plasmids tested. Three avirulent strains tested did not catabolize succinamopine, succinamopine lactam, or succinopine lactam. We propose that pTi AT181, pTi EU6, and pTi T10/73 be designated the succinamopine Ti plasmids.[1]


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