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Gene Review

nos  -  nopaline synthase

Agrobacterium fabrum str. C58

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Disease relevance of nos


High impact information on nos


Chemical compound and disease context of nos


Biological context of nos


Associations of nos with chemical compounds

  • Expression of the nptII gene under control of the nos promoter was demonstrated by neomycin phosphotransferase assays [15].
  • The intervening region between the 6b and the nos genes contains an additional ORF with homology to ORF 21 (transcript 3') from the TR-DNA of octopine strain pTi15955 [16].
  • Nopaline synthase is probably responsible for the in vivo synthesis of both N2-(1,3-dicarboxypropyl)arginine (nopaline) and N2-(1,3-dicarboxypropyl)ornithine (ornaline) in crown gall tissues since substrate specificities and Km values do not change during purification [17].
  • A cDNA encoding the methionine-rich (19 mol% Met) protein in Brazil nut was placed under the regulation of CaMV 35S promoter and nopaline synthase terminator and introduced into the potato cultivar Russet Burbank via Agrobacterium-mediated transformation [18].
  • This Rz was cloned behind the 35S CaMV (35S) and nopaline synthase (NOS) promoters, and into a vector utilising the tobacco tyrosine tRNA for expression [19].

Other interactions of nos

  • Sequence analysis of the 4.7 kb right part of this fragment allowed us to identify the pTi82.139 ipt, 6b and nos coding sequences. pTi82.139 lacks the 6a gene, which lies between the ipt and 6b genes in pTiC58 [16].
  • The combinations were: two hypervirulent strains, AGL1, containing the pDM805 binary plasmid, and EHA101, containing pGAH; and the common Agro strain LBA4404, harboring the super-binary pTOK233 vector. pDM805 contained bar under the control of Ubi1 promoter, pGAH had nptII under nos, and pTOK233 had hpt under 35S [20].
  • We have characterized a tobacco nuclear factor that binds to the -118 region of the nopaline synthase (nos) promoter from the Ti plasmid of Agrobacterium tumefaciens [8].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of nos


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