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Immunodiagnosis of human paragonimiasis by an enzyme immunoassay.

An enzyme immunoassay was applied to stepless antibody determination in sera from patients with paragonimiasis africanus, paragonimiasis uterobilateralis, paragonimiasis ecuadoriensis, other helminthic infestation, non parasitic diseases and healthy individuals. Crude extracts from adult P. africanus, P. uterobilateralis, P. ecuadoriensis and P. westermani worms served as antigen. The most distinct cross reactivity occurred with sera containing F. hepatica antibodies. Cross reaction was observed to least extent when P. westermani antigen was utilized. By comparison of results obtained by homologous and heterologous Paragonimus antigen it was demonstrated that even species-specific diagnosis of paragonimiasis may be possible when using this system.[1]


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