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Effects of propranolol on renal blood flow and renal function in patients with cirrhosis.

Systemic and splanchnic hemodynamics, renal blood flow, and renal function were studied in 13 patients with cirrhosis both before and 1 h after oral administration of 40 mg of propranolol (acute administration) and 1 mo after continuous administration of this substance at doses reducing the heart rate by 25% (chronic administration). Cardiac output and the gradient between wedged and free hepatic venous pressures significantly decreased after acute and chronic administration of propranolol; mean arterial pressure did not change significantly and systemic vascular resistance significantly increased. Renal blood flow and renal vascular resistance did not change significantly after acute administration of propranolol and renal function did not change significantly after acute or chronic administration of propranolol. We conclude that propranolol does not alter renal function in patients with cirrhosis who are in good physical condition.[1]


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