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Homogeneous enzyme immunoassay of acetaminophen in serum.

A new commercially available homogeneous enzyme immunoassay, using the glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase ( G6PDH) catalyzed conversion of NAD to NADH, has been evaluated and applied to the determination of acetaminophen in serum. Replicate analysis of serum control samples over the range of 10-200 micrograms/mL demonstrated a within-assay coefficient of variation of less than or equal to 4.6% and a between-assay coefficient of variation of less than or equal to 5.8%. Regression analysis of two separate groups of 98 and 47 serum samples by this technic, using different reagent lots, and a HPLC reference method gave equations of y = 0.981x - 0.941 (r = 0.984) and y = 1.06x - 2.21 (r = 0.994), respectively. No interference due to hemolysis or turbidity was noted. Evaluation of samples containing 35 commonly prescribed or over the counter medications demonstrated no significant cross-reactivity. Prepared reagents were stable over a period of at least 2 months when stored at 4 degrees C. Correlations between two reagent lots were excellent (r = 0.998). A single sample can be analyzed expeditiously. The result may help evaluate a potential acetaminophen poisoning. Another way to assess this toxicity, calculation of the elimination half-life, has limitations that depend on the precision of the analysis.[1]


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