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Cloning and characterization of the alkA gene of Escherichia coli that encodes 3-methyladenine DNA glycosylase II.

By in vitro recombination we have constructed hybrid plasmids which can suppress the increased methylmethane sulfonate sensitivity caused by the alkA1 mutation in Escherichia coli. Since the cloned DNA fragment was mapped at 44 to 45 min of the E. coli K12 genetic map, an area where the alkA gene is located, we conclude that the cloned DNA fragment contains the alkA gene itself but not other gene(s) that suppresses the alkA mutation. Specific labeling of plasmid-encoded proteins by the maxicell method revealed that the alkA codes for a polypeptide whose molecular weight is about 30,000. When cells harboring the alkA+ plasmids were grown in the presence of low doses of a simple alkylating agent (adapted condition), the activity of 3-methyladenine DNA glycosylase II was increased. The enzyme activity was copurified with the Mr 30,000 polypeptide. These results indicate that the alkA gene codes for 3-methyladenine DNA glycosylase II. Taking advantage of overproduction of the alkA protein in adapted cells that harbor multicopy plasmids carrying the alkA+ gene, 3-methyladenine DNA glycosylase II has been purified to apparent physical homogeneity.[1]


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