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The effect of DDT on the polymorphism at the G6pd and Pgd loci in Drosophila melanogaster.

For the degradation of DDT and other chlorohydrocarbon insecticides energy in the form of NADPH is needed which for the greater part is supplied by the pentose phosphate shunt. Therefore the influence of DDT on the polymorphism at the G6pd and Pgd loci in Drosophila melanogaster was investigated by studying its effect on egg to adult survival and adult survival. The results show the existence of significant differences in fitness between the different genotypes of the two loci for both components. It is found that the effect of DDT supplementation differs significantly from the effect of sodium octanoate addition. DDT treatment also increases the activity of the pentose phosphate shunt as measured by the activity of G6PD and 6PGD. In larvae a 50% increase in activity is found and in adults a 100% increase. As there is little doubt that the activities of G6PD and 6PGD are somehow correlated with the fitness of flies, the data are discussed in relation to the in vitro and in vivo differences in activity between the different allozymes of both G6PD and 6PGD.[1]


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