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Home parenteral nutrition: a hospital-based program with commercial logistic support.

Since home parenteral nutrition was introduced in the 1970's, a number of medical centers have formed successful home parenteral nutrition programs which have reduced expenses to the patient and third party payers by 50 to 73% over in hospital costs. However, the cost of maintaining these programs for training and follow-up has largely been absorbed by the hospital as a nonreimbursable teaching expense. To offset the costs of our growing program in these times of budget "caps," we have established an agreement between our hospital and commercial home care company which provides for patient instruction and follow-up by the hospital parenteral and enteral nutrition team and logistic support by the home care company. We used the average cost of our first five patients to establish a fee schedule which the commercial company agreed to pay the hospital parenteral and enteral nutrition team for its services. This agreement reduces the number of nurses and pharmacists that the commercial company would otherwise have to hire for teaching and follow-up of home care patients, and supports the concept of regional care in medical centers where parenteral and enteral nutrition teams maintain quality control, continuity of care, and efficient teaching programs for patients requiring home parenteral nutrition.[1]


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