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Insurance, Health, Reimbursement

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Disease relevance of Insurance, Health, Reimbursement

  • The objective of this study was to project the effect of losartan compared to placebo on the lifetime incidence of ESRD and associated costs from a third-party payer perspective in Mexico. METHODS: A competing risks method was used to estimate lifetime incidence of ESRD, while accounting for the risk of death without ESRD [1].

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Gene context of Insurance, Health, Reimbursement

  • Alteplase had acceptable cost-effectiveness ratios compared with conventional therapy and streptokinase therapy from both third-party payer and hospital perspectives [12].
  • A growing body of literature, primarily published in the United States, has demonstrated that ADHD places a substantial economic burden on patients, families, and third-party payers [13].
  • Use of GH for idiopathic short stature in clinical practice will depend on its efficacy in promoting growth and the value of this effect to families, physicians, and third-party payers [14].
  • Discrepancies should be resolved between maternal PKU medical recommendations and the policies of third party-payers [15].
  • Nevertheless, DRG-based payment systems are being adopted by State Medicaid agencies and private third-party payers, and the Health Care Financing Administration has been mandated to report to Congress on the feasibility of including children's hospitals in the Federal PPS [16].

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