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Continuity of Patient Care

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Disease relevance of Continuity of Patient Care


High impact information on Continuity of Patient Care

  • CONCLUSIONS: Continuity of care with a primary care provider is associated with better glucose control among patients with type 2 diabetes [2].
  • This combination of benefits offers the advantages of both an indemnity benefit (Freedom of choice in treatment) and an in-house service program (greater continuity of care, more flexible use of resources, reduction of reliance on hospital care) [3].
  • Continuity of care in family practice. Part 1: dimensions of continuity [4].
  • Continuity of care in family practice. Part 2: implications of continuity [5].
  • Rates of favourable outcomes and intracranial haemorrhage comparable with those in randomised trials can be achieved in routine clinical practice; however, translation of net benefit from tPA therapy requires organised and coordinated stroke management across the continuum of care [6].

Associations of Continuity of Patient Care with chemical compounds

  • Enhanced continuity of care increased abstinence from cocaine at week 3 and increased attendance at individual counseling sessions throughout the 12 weeks of the study [7].
  • The converted hospital (Saint Mary's in Orange) would be a key component of a full continuum of care for area residents [8].
  • Primary care--as we know it--is under siege from a number of trends in healthcare delivery, resulting in loss of physician autonomy, disrupted continuity of care and potential erosion of professional values (Rastegar 2004; Future of Family Medicine Project Leadership Committee 2004) [9].
  • Interventions aimed at promoting continuity of care to the high users led to a 66% reduction in meperidine prescribed to this group in the emergency room and to a shift in their care to the clinics [10].
  • CONCLUSION: Condition management strategies should be developed to deal with the unique needs of the dual-eligible population to ensure continuity of care [11].

Gene context of Continuity of Patient Care


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Continuity of Patient Care


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