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Evaluation of cross-circulation through circle of Willis using an ultrasonic Doppler technique. Part I. Comparison between blood flow velocity by ultrasonic Doppler flowmetry and angiogram.

In 24 patients with cerebrovascular disease and 6 without organic brain lesions, the increased velocity of blood flow in both the internal carotid and vertebral arteries during a contralateral carotid compression was compared with the angiographic appearance of the circle of Willis. The flow velocity was measured using ultrasonic Doppler flowmetry. It was not possible to investigate fully the relationship between the increase of velocity of blood flow in the internal carotid artery and the anatomical variations of the circle of Willis, specifically the anterior cerebral and communicating arteries. The velocity of flow in the patients with an aplastic proximal portion of the anterior cerebral artery showed no increase. There were no differences in the increase of velocity of flow in the vertebral artery in patients with hypoplastic, normal and fetal posterior communicating arteries. It is considered that although anatomical variations of the circle vessels influence the cross-circulation via the circle of Willis, peripheral vascular factors distal to the circle also play an important role in the quantity of cross-circulation through the circle.[1]


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