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Cross Circulation

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High impact information on Cross Circulation

  • Competition was demonstrated by cross-circulation of normal and cholesterol-fed or normal and WHHL rabbits, in which the rapid influx of plasma containing the accumulated plasma lipoproteins from cholesterol-fed or WHHL rabbits was shown to impair the uptake of chylomicrons by the liver and bone marrow of normal rabbits [3].
  • Cross-circulation between adrenalectomized and nephrectomized rats for 15 or 30 minutes, dramatically lowered prorenin and raised renin levels in both types of rats, suggesting extensive activation of prorenin to renin [4].
  • Similar cross-circulation experiments between pairs of normal rabbits did not alter the pressor responses to NE [5].
  • Administration of this AII antagonist to the normal rabbits prevented them from showing pressor hyperresponsiveness following the cross-circulation of blood [6].
  • CONCLUSION: The hDAF transgenic porcine liver reduced complement activation in xenoperfusion with healthy nonhuman primate blood and led to extended duration of cross-circulation [7].

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