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Estrogen and progestin receptors in meningiomas: clinicopathological correlations.

Estradiol and progesterone receptors were studied in 44 patients with meningiomas and correlated to the clinicopathological features and amount of preoperative corticosteroid therapy. Thirty-four (77%) of the meningiomas contained high titers of specific high-affinity cytosol [3H]promegestone (R 5020) binding sites (mean 2,902 fmol/g tumor; range 0-9,598 fmol/g tumor) whereas only miniscule amounts of a nonspecific cytoplasmic [3H]estradiol binding component (mean 48 fmol/g tumor; range 0-201 fmol/g tumor) were detectable. No nuclear binding activity for [3H]estradiol was demonstrable. There was no convincing correlation between high PR activity and the age, sex, or menopausal status of the patients. The correlation study between the amount of preoperative corticosteroid therapy with the amount of [3H]promegestone binding revealed no dose relationship. Correlating [3H]promegestone content with the histologic type, we found 96% of meningothelial, 71% of transitional, and 40% of fibroplastic meningiomas to contain progesterone receptors. The necessity of in vitro studies is stressed to assess the biosynthesis and biological activity of the progesterone receptor in meningiomas, which is apparently not estrogen regulated, as is the case in other estrogen target tissues.[1]


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