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The role of lipid peroxidation in the N-oxidation of 4-chloroaniline.

Irradiation with u.v. light of aerobic aqueous media containing both rabbit liver microsomal fraction and 4-chloroaniline results in N-oxidation of the arylamine. The reaction is severely blocked by exhaustive extraction with organic solvents of the microsomal membranes to remove lipids. Further, scavengers of OH. and O2.-impair the photochemical process. These findings suggest that the observed phenomenon may be closely associated with light-induced lipid peroxidation. Indeed, N-oxidation of 4-chloroaniline is fully preserved when either phospholipid liposomes or dispersed linoleic acid substitute for intact microsomal fraction. Co-oxidation of the amine substrate occurs during iron/ascorbate-promoted lipid peroxidation also, but H2O2 or free OH. radicals do not appear to be involved. Cumene hydroperoxide-sustained rabbit liver microsomal turnover of the amine generates N-oxy product via O2-dependent and -independent pathways; propagation of lipid peroxidation is presumed to govern the former route. Lipid hydroperoxides, either exogenously added to rabbit liver microsomal suspensions or enzymically formed from arachidonic acid in ram seminal-vesicle microsomal preparations, support N-oxidation of 4-chloroaniline. The significance, in arylamine activation, of lipid peroxidation in certain extrahepatic tissues exhibiting but low mono-oxygenase activity is discussed.[1]


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