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Sequence analysis of the respiratory syncytial virus phosphoprotein gene.

A recombinant cDNA plasmid (pRSA3) containing an almost full-length copy of the mRNA encoding respiratory syncytial virus phosphoprotein was identified in a cDNA library prepared with mRNA from respiratory syncytial virus-infected cells. The cDNA insert was sequenced, and a protein of 27,150 daltons was deduced from the DNA sequence. The protein is relatively acidic, containing two clusters of acidic amino acids, one in the middle of the molecule and the other at the C-terminus. It is devoid of both cysteine and tryptophan. There was no other potential reading frame within the phosphoprotein gene of respiratory syncytial virus. This situation is unlike that with Sendai virus, a paramyxovirus, which has a nonstructural C protein encoded by a second overlapping reading frame near the 5' end of the mRNA for phosphoprotein.[1]


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