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H-2- linked regulation of serum gp70 production in mice.

By using many congenic strains of C57BL/10 ( B10) mice and NZB mice, we have demonstrated a genetic system that controls the production of serum gp70. Our system has been tentatively designated as Sgp-1 and is composed of three phenotypes, Sgp-1a, 1b, and 1c. This system appears to be closely linked to, but not in the H-2 region on chromosome 17. Sgp-1a, which is associated with H-2d, correlates with relatively large amounts of serum gp70 in B10 congenic lines. Sgp-1b, which appeared in most of the H-2 types tested, corresponds with low serum gp70 output in B10 congenic lines and F1 hybrid offspring of B10 and NZB crosses and with increased gp70 production after lipopolysaccharide (LPS) stimulation. Sgp-1c, which is associated with H-2s, also relates to small amounts of serum gp70 in B10 congenic lines and their F1 hybrids from NZB matings, but shows lack of serum gp70 responsiveness to LPS. This failure to accelerate serum gp70 production after injection of LPS is independent of other acute phase responses and polyclonal activation of B cells.[1]


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