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Effect of salicylamide on the growth of a Morris hepatoma in rats fed 8% and 25% casein diets.

To investigate the effect of 2% salicylamide and protein feeding levels on animal and tumor growth, male ACI rats were injected with Morris hepatoma #3924A (1 X 10(6) cells) 1 week following the conversion to diets containing 8% or 25% casein (+/- 2% salicylamide). The animals were sacrificed on day 19 after tumor transplantation. Tumor area and tumor weight were significantly higher in animals on the 25% versus the 8% casein diets. Reduction in body weight gain and protein efficiency ratio (PER) were observed in drug-treated and tumor-bearing animals. Total serum protein and liver protein were significantly reduced in all tumor-bearing animals when compared to non-tumor-bearing rats. Liver protein from animals with tumors was significantly higher among those fed salicylamide, in comparison with the tumor bearing non-drug-treated animals. Overall, these results show that the growth of Morris hepatoma #3924A in ACI rats is enhanced by increased dietary protein and is significantly reduced by a low-protein diet and/or a salicylamide dietary supplement.[1]


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