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Complement activating cryoglobulins in the nephritis of systemic lupus erythematosus.

Complement activation in vitro by cryoglobulins isolated from the sera of 28 patients with systemic lupus erythematosus ( SLE) was examined by incubating the cryoglobulin with normal human serum and performing crossed-immunoelectrophoresis of the mixture to detect C3 conversion. Eighteen of the 28 SLE cryoglobulins activated complement; eight by the classical pathway, four by the alternative pathway exclusively, and six by both pathways. In contrast only two out of 20 cryoglobulins isolated from the sera of normal subjects activated complement and both did so by the classical pathway. Twenty-three of the 28 SLE sera activated complement and complement activating cryoglobulins were isolated from 15 of these 23 sera. The parent sera of cryoglobulins activating complement had lower C4 and C3 concentrations than sera whose cryoglobulins did not split complement but these differences were not significant. The ability of SLE cryoglobulins to activate complement in vitro suggests that these immune complexes activate complement in vivo and thus may contribute to tissue damage in this disease. The activation of both classical and alternative complement pathways is in keeping with other evidence that both pathways are involved in SLE.[1]


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