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Sequences in the promoter region of the chicken lysozyme gene required for steroid regulation and receptor binding.

We have constructed a series of deletion mutants in the lysozyme promoter region fused to the SV40 T-antigen coding region. Regulated expression was tested after microinjection of the lysozyme deletion mutants into primary cultures of chicken oviduct cells using fluorescent antibodies against T antigen. Deletion of lysozyme gene sequences upstream of position - 164 was accompanied by loss of both progesterone- and glucocorticoid-induced expression. Using the rat liver glucocorticoid receptor for binding studies, two separate binding sites have been identified: a strong binding site that is destroyed by deletion of lysozyme sequences between positions -74 and -39 and a weaker binding site contained between positions -208 and -161 upstream of the lysozyme cap site.[1]


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