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Ultrastructure of chicken cardiac muscle as studied by double immunolabeling in electron microscopy.

The ultrastructural localization of alpha-actinin and vinculin in chicken cardiac muscle was studied by double indirect immunoelectron microscopy, using ferritin and iron-dextran (Imposil) as the electron-dense markers conjugated to the secondary antibodies, on ultrathin frozen sections of fixed tissue. Fixation and immunolabeling procedures were developed that permitted maximal retention of the two proteins at their natural sites as well as their adequate labeling. alpha-Actinin was found both on the Z-bands, as expected, and near the fascia adherens of the intercalated discs, whereas vinculin was confined to the latter sites. At the fascia adherens, the double labeling results clearly showed that vinculin was situated closer to the membrane than was alpha-actinin. These results, coupled with earlier observations, suggest that vinculin may participate in the linkage of actin-containing microfilament bundles to membranes in a variety of cell types.[1]


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