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Antibodies to horseradish peroxidase as specific neuronal markers in Drosophila and in grasshopper embryos.

Antibodies specific for horseradish peroxidase (HRPeroxase) bind to neuronal membranes in Drosophila and serve as a specific neuronal marker. Immunocytochemical staining with these antibodies marks sensory neurons, peripheral nerves, and fiber tracks in the central nervous system of embryos, larvae, and adult flies. Similar patterns of staining also were seen in embryos of the grasshopper. It appears that an antigen associated with the nervous system and appearing early in differentiation is recognized by antibodies to HRPeroxase. Using this staining method, we followed embryogenesis of the central nervous system in Drosophila and found that the organization of central fiber tracks resembled that in the previously well-characterized grasshopper. We have used the anti-HRPeroxase antibodies to show that mutations affecting segmentation in Drosophila affect the organization of the embryonic nervous system.[1]


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