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Lack of reactivity of sera from Theileria parva-infected and recovered cattle against cell membrane antigens of Theileria parva transformed cell lines.

Sera from Theileria parva infected, recovered and rechallenged cattle were tested in complement-dependent cytotoxicity, membrane immunofluorescence and antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity assays for the presence of antibodies against cell membrane antigens of T. parva transformed cell lines. In the complement-dependent antibody-mediated cytotoxicity assay, sera from lethally infected animals were negative. Some recovered cattle showed a positive reaction, but such reactions were also observed when an eland cell line infected with T. taurotragi, and bovine lymphoblastoid cells were used as targets. Reaction was less against Ig-negative peripheral blood lymphocytes. Evidence is presented that these reactions could be evoked by attachment of immune complexes to Fc-receptors. It is concluded that cattle exposed to T. parva infection do not develop antibodies against specific T. parva (or T. parva-induced) cell surface antigens.[1]


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