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DNA replication and indirect induction of the SOS response in Escherichia coli.

The SOS response can be induced indirectly in Escherichia coli by infection with UV irradiated bacteriophage P1, lambda or M13. Induction, monitored quantitatively by means of a sfiA::lac operon fusion, was stronger with the plasmid phage P1 than with lambda, but the kinetics were similar, showing that plasmid and non-plasmid phages are not fundamentally different in their ability to produce indirect induction. In the absence of lambda DNA replication the level of induction was strongly reduced, indicating that the attempt to replicate damaged DNA results in induction of the SOS response. The slight residual induction observed in the absence of DNA replication suggests the existence of a second pathway leading from DNA lesions to induction of the SOS response.[1]


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