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Abnormalities in plasma and cerebrospinal-fluid arginine vasopressin in patients with anorexia nervosa.

Previous studies have indicated that many patients with anorexia nervosa have defects in urinary concentration or dilution suggestive of abnormal secretion of the antidiuretic hormone arginine vasopressin. To explore this possibility, we examined the response of plasma vasopressin to intravenous hypertonic saline in anorexic patients before and after correction of their weight loss. We also measured basal levels of the hormone in the cerebrospinal fluid. In all four subjects studied before correction of weight loss, the response to hypertonic saline was abnormal: in one, the plasma level of arginine vasopressin increased subnormally relative to the plasma sodium level; in the other three, it fluctuated erratically, with no relation to plasma sodium. These defects persisted in the three patients studied three to four weeks after recovery of body weight. In two patients who were initially studied when they were underweight, the defects were gone six months after recovery; in five of seven other patients studied at least six months after recovery but not while they were underweight, the response was normal. Abnormalities in the osmoregulation of plasma arginine vasopressin were not accounted for by nonosmotic stimuli and were almost always associated with an absolute increase in the level of arginine vasopressin in the cerebrospinal fluid or a reversal of the normal (less than 1.0) cerebrospinal fluid/plasma ratio of arginine vasopressin. These results indicate that most if not all patients with anorexia nervosa have abnormal levels of arginine vasopressin in their plasma and cerebrospinal fluid that are corrected very slowly with weight gain. The cause and consequences of these abnormalities remain to be determined.[1]


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