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Metabolic fate of tolazamide in man and in the rat.

The metabolic fate of tolazamide, 1-(hexahydroazepin-1-yl)-3-p-tolylsulfonylurea (1), was studied in man and in the rat using tritium-labeled 1. The metabolites were isolated in crystalline form from urine for structure determination. The crystal structure and final molecular structure of one of these, 1-(4-hydroxyhexahydroazepin-1-yl)-3-p-tolylsulfonylurea (5), were determined using single-crystal X-ray techniques. Following oral administration of tritiated tolazamide to male humans, 85% of the radioactivity was excreted in urine during a 5-day period. In addition to being excreted in urine unchanged, tolazamide was metabolized to 1-(hexahydroazepin-1-yl)-3-p-(carboxyphenyl)sulfonylurea (2), p-toluenesulfonamide (3), 1-(hexahydroazepin-1-yl)-3-p-(hydroxymethylphenyl)sulfonylurea (4), 1-(4-hydroxyhexahydroazepin-1-yl)-3-p-tolylsulfonylurea (5) and a labile, unidentified metabolite 6 by man. The relative amounts of these materials excreted in 0-24-h urine collections from eight subjects averaged 7, 17, 26, 10, 25, and 15% for 1-6, respectively. In the female rat, 79% of an orally administered dose of tritiated tolazamide was excreted in urine during a 5-day period as 1-4. The relative amounts of these materials excreted during the 24-h period following administration of tolazamide were 10, 5, 5, and 80% for 1-4, respectively.[1]


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