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Induction of differentiation of murine erythroleukemia cells by aminonucleoside of puromycin and inhibition of this induction by purines and purine derivatives.

The effect of the aminonucleoside of puromycin (AMS) on Friend erythroleukemia cells in culture was investigated, because purines and purine analogues are known to act as inducers of differentiation. After treatment with 20-30 micro M AMS for 4 days, the cultures contained between 80 and 90% benzidine-positive cells. Stimulation of hemoglobin synthesis was dose and time dependent. Inosine had no stimulatory activity; however, when it was added to the medium together with AMS, erythroid differentiation was almost completely inhibited. The inhibitory effect of inosine on this potent inducer was also dose and time dependent. No cytotoxicity was observed with either compound, alone or in combination. Inhibition of AMS stimulation of erythroid differentiation was also observed in the presence of inosine monophosphate and poly(inosinic acid). Hypoxanthine had a dual effect. At high concentrations (500 microgram/ml) it acted as an inducer, but when added at low concentrations (20 microgram/ml) together with AMS it inhibited differentiation. These findings suggest there is a link between purine biosynthesis and the event(s) required to trigger differentiation. Agonist-antagonist activity of closely related biological compounds has thus been revealed in the erythroleukemia cells.[1]


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