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Atrophy induced in the tubules of the testes of Syrian hamsters by two retinoids.

This paper describes toxic lesions induced in the hamster testes by 3 different retinoids. Groups of 13 Syrian Golden hamsters were fed diets containing 120 mg/kg 13-cis-retinoic acid (CRA), 327 mg/kg ethyl retinamide (ER), or 343 mg/kg 2-hydroxyethyl retinamide (HER) for 6 months. The germinal epithelium of the testicular tubules was completely atrophic in the groups fed ER and HER. Mean testicular weights were 0.8 g and 0.7 g respectively as compared to 3.3 g in the control group. No alterations in testicular weights or morphological characteristics, at the light microscopic level, were found in the group fed CRA. At the ultrastructural level, however, asymmetrical head caps and deformed acrosomes were observed in the spermatids.[1]


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